RMMR Projects: RMMR Projects began with two friends that were similarly obsessed with good design.  Amanda Medsger and Alicia Redman met while Amanda was a freelance display designer, who was hired by Alicia and her partners at Settlement Goods + Design to design the retail space's opening window display.  It was a design match right off the bat. Amanda appreciated Alicia's eye as the homewares buyer for Settlement, and Alicia took note of Amanda's creativity as a display artist.

After this initial meeting of the minds, Amanda and Alicia began asking one another to work on interior design projects as they rolled in.  Gradually, their design aesthetic, creativity, and professionalism led to more and more projects. In November of 2015, three years after they first met, Alicia and Amanda officially started RMMR Projects as it's known today. 

RMMR Projects specializes in creating contemporary and eclectic, yet refined interiors. We work hard to stay on top of design trends, further our knowledge in the field, as well as generally love what we are doing.  We believe that design should be functional and simplified yet still engaging and provocative.

We begin our projects by defining the goals of our clients and use these goals to help define the single most important concept, or feeling, that we aim to communicate in our design plans.  For commercial projects, that could come from a business name or the story of the company's inception.  For residential projects, it's more about the way our clients want to exist and feel in their homes.  In both cases, we strive to tell a story and specialize in finding truly unique pieces that help connect the inanimate world to one full of life and human interactions.